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On 11/17/2015
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The 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins are an ideal product for gold buyers and collectors, and you can buy the Gold Eagle directly online at Ausecure.com

Gold and Silver TechnologistStart your gold and silver buying journey with the new ausecure.com

Brand spanking new technology to make your buying experience great.

First, here is what’s happening to Precious Metals Spot Prices for Monday, 11/17/2015 11:30AM Central Time: #GOLD PRICE $1069.1 -$14.5/-1.36% #SILVER PRICE $14.27 -$0.02/-0.14% #PLATINUM PRICE $857.8 -$11.2/-1.31% #PALLADIUM PRICE $548.4 -$4.2/-0.77% via @ausecure

We’re very excited to announce the new ausecure.com service. Our original thought behind this deployment was to provide  answers to some very common problems that shoppers encounter when they are trying to buy something online.  Some of the added services that you’ll see on the new ausecure.com, include charting, which you’ve seen on other sites, however new to our ecosystem.  You’ll also notice that the new menu now includes a recurring transactions app that we’re calling “Enroll Now” for customers who want more consistency between their purchases. Our team actually took this service one step further to include an add-on we’re calling “Place Future Order.” A button that enables customers to create a schedule and a budget on any purchase. We wanted to give our customers real purchasing tools that are simply and easy to use. With these tools online shoppers can not only be price conscious, but time conscious as well. The packaged service was spearheaded by our “Theta-Cart Dev Squad” or “TCDS” and is live and running on ausecure.com right now. Our “theta-cart” has an agility that most shopping cart apps are missing. It is product versatile and committed to moving variables such as time, price, popularity, shipping, and inventory, etc.

We’ve also thought more about storage on this deployment and our new site allows customers to use an automated and segregated storage app that stores gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars in one of the most secure vaults in the world. Other features include a new real-time buyback button for all of our existing storage customers. The offering will continue to expand, throughout the coming days, weeks, and months. In coming releases we will include more comprehensive market data and charting tools for our visitors, as well a more intuitive IRA creation app for anyone who buys from the site, among other things. Please check out the new site at ausecure.com and let us know what you think.

Thank you everyone, Mia.

Now a friendly reminder from our sales team at Ausecure.com

Buying gold and silver is like buying insurance on your wealth, regardless of the gold price or the gold/silver ratio. Start your journey towards financial freedom and start buying gold online on ausecure.com. You can lock in your orders in real time on your smart phone, tablet and PC. The metals will ship directly to your doorstep, always with absolute discretion. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-5AUGOLD.

Start Buying Gold Online at Ausecure.com

The 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins are an ideal product for gold buyers and collectors, and you can buy the Gold Eagle directly online at Ausecure.com

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