Interest Rates Going Up in December’s FOMC

Interest rates could be going up, are we ready for that?

Interest Rates Rising on Janet Yellen at FOMC, Rate Decision

Janet Yellen is deciding on a big move, and soon. Interest rates could be higher in January 2016.

Gold Market Snapshot

Before we get to those exciting interest rates, let’s take a look to see what’s happening to Precious Metals Spot Prices for Tuesday, 12/08/2015 10:45AM Central Time: #GOLD PRICES TODAY $1073.7 +$1.7/0.16% #SILVER PRICE TODAY $14.19 -$0.11/-0.78% #PLATINUM PRICE S TODAY $853.7 -$5.8/-0.68% #PALLADIUM PRICE $548.4 -$4.2/-0.77% via @ausecure

Will Gold Interest Follow Interest Rates

Do you remember Quantitative Easing Explained on Youtube? Let me help refresh your memory. It involved some animation, a little scenery, and a whole heck of a lot of text-to-speech. The video was an instant Youtube favorite in late 2010. The popularity was a factor of the times. Then sitting FED president, Ben Bernanke or “the Bernanke” was under severe scrutiny due to the FED’s action to lower interest rates through programs QE 1, 2, and 3, in order to provide fiscal immunity to those too big to fail financial institutions.  The real issue was the willingness of the FED implement another FRB Put option. The Bernanke would be leading the charge. We wanted to recreate a commentary that could outline some of same substantive material that our subscribers and fellow “Marketarians” would like and share. This will be the first video in a series that aims to simplify the conversation in today’s economy.

Think of our video as an homage to Quantitative Easing Explained on Youtube. The first in video in the series stars Sheldon and a caricature of me, also named Mia. The clip spans just under 5 minutes, we hope you enjoy it.

As the FED prepares to increase interest rates, they have to take market expectations into consideration for the coming year. Investors maybe confident right now. Do you think that sentiment will continue in the wake of a complete turnaround in monetary policy? Could this move break something else? I guess we’ll find out after the FOMC announcement on December 14th.

Thank you everyone, Mia.

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