Is This a Fundamental Shift in Precious Metals?

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On 10/24/2014
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This 100 oz. Silver Bar is a great way to invest in Silver. It's stack-able and minted by a reputed sovereign mint.

Precious Metals Market Recap – 24 Oct 2014

Here is a recap on the precious metals prices that are proving to be a buying opportunity for Gold and Silver, but especially for Silver.

Volatility in the stock market is still being marketed as a growing economy, the #FED’s perceived language on raising rates as early as December is again up for question as we approach the FOMC Statement next week. It’s important to note that this is in the midst of a Platinum/Gold ratio trading at 1.010, which is~$30 USD more expensive than 1 oz. of Gold and a steadily widening gold/silver ratio of almost ~$72 USD. The inter-commodity spreads can provide viable metrics for fundamental behavior through out the a range of markets. For example we can deduct form these two spreads that silver and platinum are relatively cheap when compared to gold! These spreads also point to gold as a leading point of investment for institutional and sovereign players as a hedge against their respective books, AKA flight-to-quality. The moral of the story is you don’t have to put all your eggs in one paper basket, you have to start investing in physical gold and silver.

Underlying Precious Metals Prices (3:45 PM Chicago Time – 24 Oct 2014 – @ausecure): $1232.80 +$.02/-0.01% $17.29 +$0.06/+0.36% $1261.63 +$3.87/+.31% $788.04+$6.65/0.85%


Gold Bullion Coins by the U.S. Mint - Precious Metals Investors Choice

1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins from the U.S. Mint

Gold Eagle Estimated Price: The 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coins are trading at $1,294.95 USD per coin which contains 1 troy oz. of gold from the U.S. Mint with each coin denomination of $50 face value.



Silver Bullion Bars by the Perth Mint - Precious Metals Investors Choice

100 oz. Silver Bar from the Australian Perth Mint

100 oz. Silver Price Estimated Price:
The 100 oz Silver Bullion Bar – Perth Mint is trading at $1,828.95 USD per silver bar, roughly $18.29 USD per coin for 1 x 99.9% Pure Silver Bullion 100 troy oz. silver bar from the Perth Mint.

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This 100 oz. Silver Bar is a great way to invest in Silver. It's stack-able and minted by a reputed sovereign mint.

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