Are You Suffering From Gold Price Delirium?

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On 07/31/2015
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I can’t get enough S&P 500, so why would I care about the gold price?

First, here is a snapshot of the gold market from Friday’s – 07/31/2015 4:00PM Central Time:

#GOLD PRICE $1097.94 +$5.3/0.48% #SILVER PRICE Price $14.81 +$0.01/0.09% #PLATINUM PRICE $985.37 -$5.94/-0.6% #PALLADIUM PRICE $614.19 -$9.7/-1.58% via @ausecure

The gold price is advocating a new main street sentiment. Is this the moment when we realize we’re losing more wealth faster than ever before, or are we simply captivated by hyper-marketed equity strategies. As investors, we are for the most part, knee deep in broken stocks with fingers crossed. We’re cornered into believing that gold can be diluted. We accept that our hard-earned dollar should be held under the guard of corporate arms that seem to keep waddling to their next financial death. We are the same investors that have convinced ourselves (or otherwise have been convinced) that gold can actually lose the fundamental baseline that it has kept for over 6,000 years in less than a decades time.

This world is consolidating, yes. The question is why? Is this for the sake of economic independence, or are we aiming more towards a greater financial dependency? The Cuban flag has been raised on American soil, Iran is opening their doors to the western world for the first time in over 3 1/2 decades, and Greek fear is once again downsized on agreeable terms to at least a postponed fear. In the mean time here back in the realm of reality, the tangible disposition of currency and commodity keeps peaking its ugly little head. Yet, the intangible interest such as the paper assets we’ve been hard pressed to believe in, are still gaining momentum.

Take note here and now, we’re all drivers in a world with fuel that is losing favor to an electrical outcome.

The point being that the momentum has shifted. Certainly now pointing to a demise of the commodity dollar. Curtailing every instance of a fundamental correlation on its way down. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and to our children to at least ask if our money is protected? Isn’t our economy and our way of life less assured than we are being lead to believe anyway? These questions in all commonality, raise a definable suspicion that could starve our wealth in the years to come, regardless of what you think you own. The only way to own your money is to have something that is tangible and free of outside forces. This is something you can touch and trade from one hand to another.


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