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Gold Report Year-to-Oct ’17

Gold Report Year-to-Oct ’17

by / on 11/08/2017, 5:31 PM / in Gold & Silver News, Bitcoin

Palladium is up 44.4%1 year-to-date Year-to-dateGold FIX at $1274.40 USDUp $9.95% on the year 1 Precious metal prices are defined and sourced from LBMA London FIX as well as Johnson Matthey and may differ from OTC, SPOT, Forward, and Future metals contracts. Year-to-date 2 analysis for metals in 2017 2 Price changes calculated from the closing prices from the final […]

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Higher gold prices 2016

Higher Gold Prices

by / on 08/09/2016, 11:14 AM / in Gold & Silver News

Higher Gold Prices Are Here Stay Gold is up 26% Year-to-date Today’s Precious Metals Prices Here is a snapshot of the higher gold prices. Gold trading at $1340.40 per ounce +$4.1 that is a 0.31% move up, Silver is $19.86 +$0.07/0.35% per ounce, Platinum is $1158.30 per ounce +$5.3 that is a 0.46% move to the upside, and Palladium is $695.60 […]

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BREXIT and Gold Prices, David Cameron

BREXIT Means Higher Gold Prices

by / on 06/24/2016, 4:13 PM / in Today's Economy

Higher Gold Prices after Brexit Vote BREXIT is eminent and so are higher gold prices. Don’t fret, you could still have another chance to buy gold lower within the next couple of weeks. Today’s vote has been quite a boost for gold prices. The sterling however has not been as fortunate, trading 8.33% at $1.3637. No promotional consideration was offered […]

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Janet Yellen is deciding on a big move, and soon. Interest rates could be higher in January 2016.

Interest Rates Going Up in December’s FOMC

1 by / on 12/08/2015, 4:15 PM / in Today's Economy, Gold & Silver News

Interest rates could be going up, are we ready for that? Gold Market Snapshot Before we get to those exciting interest rates, let’s take a look to see what’s happening to Precious Metals Spot Prices for Tuesday, 12/08/2015 10:45AM Central Time: #GOLD PRICES TODAY $1073.7 +$1.7/0.16% #SILVER PRICE TODAY $14.19 -$0.11/-0.78% #PLATINUM PRICE S TODAY $853.7 -$5.8/-0.68% #PALLADIUM PRICE $548.4 -$4.2/-0.77% via […]

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US Employment situation in March of 2015.

Remember the 70’s? The $1,170’s? Gold prices silly?

by / on 06/04/2015, 11:29 AM / in Platinum & Palladium News, Gold & Silver News

“US Employment Statistics – March 2015” by Farcaster – Graphic I designed using Federal Reserve data. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia – Gold is once again playing the $1,170 handle and the rest of the market feels  a bit bubbly. Remember gold in March? Well, we do. Less than three months ago paper pushed gold prices from […]

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Performance of Asset Classes in Equity Bear Markets (1973-6/30/2013)

Gold vs S&P 500 (David vs Goliath)

by / on 04/22/2014, 11:37 AM / in Platinum & Palladium News

VOLUME I Ed 3 Gold vs S&P 500 We tend to forget that Gold as a standalone asset class has outperformed the S&P 500 in this new millennium. In fact the Rate of Return of Gold vs the S&P 500 has been remarkable. A $100,000 invested in 2000 and held through 2013 would show a return of $125,802 for the […]

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Silver Prices performed admirably as the FED and Swiss National Bank marked the biggest losers of the week.

Silver Prices The FED and the Swiss National Bank & The Resiliencey of Platinum & Silver

by / on 06/28/2013, 5:34 PM / in Platinum & Palladium News, Stock Market News

Notes From Underground: Last Week’s Two Biggest Losers and the Vigor of Silver Prices Another day, another week, another month and another quarter. It is hard to believe that we have now reached the halfway mark for 2013 and it has been anything but boring. The next quarter should be just as volatile as the German elections take center stage and […]

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