Interest rates maybe higher in December, are you ready?

The interest rates, are they are rising, maybe.

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You may remember the Ben Bernanke video from a few years back.  This video is an homage to that time and place. Take a look.

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (“FOMC”) may raise rates this month. Are you ready for that? The month of December may prove to be the most convincing attempt by the FED to push for a raise in the overnight lending rate.

It’s important to note that the federal funds rate is the biggest single indicator among money managers, traders, and marketarians worldwide. The interest rates act as an key indicator that can theoretically give way to new fortunes and destroy what we learned to believe as strong economic states. It is to be handled with care and treated with respect. After all we are talking about the will to print money. That’s something that effect every single one of us.

We hope that you enjoy the video and let us know how you think.

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