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Receiving Payments

Receiving Payment From Ausecure

Get Paid by Wire, Check, or eCheck/ACH

Payments Are For Sellers

Sellers who have Sold or are in the process of Selling metals to Ausecure will receive payment from Ausecure directly. If you are a seller and in more insight, welcome, we hope this page proves to be helpful for you and we appreciate your consideration.

Confirm Sell Request

If you have recently sold your metals to Ausecure and your metals have been received by our sorting facility we ask that you send your inquiries to [email protected]. Please note that If you have not received confirmation and have not been issued an Order ID from Ausecure, you may not have an open order with us.

Confirm Shipment Delivery

If your Sales Order Request has been confirmed by our team and we have issued you with an Order Confirmation Number you can find the Order Status along with more details from the My Account dashboard on

Getting Paid (Wire/Check/eCheck/ACH)

Once your items have been received and sorted, you will receive a confirmation email from Ausecure and we will process your wire transfer. Also please note that the preferred method for outgoing payments from Ausecure is Wire Transfer however our Sellers can also choose to receive payment by Check as well. 

For more information call us 1-855-528-4653.