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We spend most of our time making sure your portfolio makes sense. At Ausecure there is no alternative than to allocate a segment of one's portfolio into precious metals. The shrewd and modern investor will rest assured that through real and true diversification their well balanced portfolio will stand the test of time. The key is the Modern Portfolio Theory.

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Protect Your Money With Precious Metals

Buying physical precious metal is a necessity. Be prudent with your money, protect your wealth.

Unlike the U.S. dollar, whose worth is subject to outside factors like inflation and the global economy, the value of physical assets like silver and gold grow with inflation. Gold has steadily increased in value over the last ten years, and we have seen an uptick in institutions that are purchasing gold and silver as insurance against the volatile paper markets. Banks in developed economies continue to hold the majority of their assets in gold to protect against dilution of wealth – which is a strategy that can easily be replicated within your own personal investments.

Physical assets offer further advantage for investors as rather than being subject to the volatility of the marketplace, their prices are determined by simple supply and demand. For example, the supply of gold has remained relatively consistent since 2001, while demand for gold has risen steadily since then. This consistency of supply and demand for gold makes it an extraordinarily reliable and predictable asset, which is why it has remained a rewarding investment over the centuries.

Investing in physical assets like silver, gold, platinum and palladium bullion coins or bars will not only protect your portfolio from another systemic financial crisis, but they will also perform well without close management - freeing you and your advisor to focus on other investments once the purchase is made. Further, physical assets provide liquidity. As commodities that are easy and simple to sell or trade, gold and silver offer insurance against the failures of other investments, and offset riskier portfolio holdings due to lower volatility.

Ausecure will work directly with your advisor, broker, or family office to find the right level of investment that will balance your portfolio. Our trusted advisors provide the most up-to-date information and expertise to round out your investments, adding assets to your account through a process that’s simple, fast and secure.

Our team works with you and your team to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

We will help identify viable strategies designed around your goals.

The Modern Portfolio demands diversification points that traditional investment vehicles do not offer. Today every portfolio deems adjusted levels of diversification. This means stepping outside of of the S&P 500 and looking deeper towards Alternative forms of Investment such as Physical Gold and Silver. Our Expert Team of advisors will provide you data driven insight through critical gaps inside your long-term investment strategy and implement new strategies will ultimately protect your wealth for generations to come. 



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Since 2008, the U.S. has seen unprecedented economic instability and inflation. With the recent government shutdown and the international struggle to recover from a global economic slump, investments tied to currencies – both domestic and foreign - continue to fall in value. What you own today may very well lose value in the future due to inflation or the shifts in global economic circumstances – so now is the time to seek out alternative investments such as physical gold & silver to balance your portfolio. A diverse portfolio that offers lower correlated liquid investments that will help protect you from uncertain economic times – now and in the future. Alternative strategies which include physical precious metals allocation will not move in parallel with traditional asset classes.

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