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✨ Pete’s Picks

Pete Thomas stands at the helm of Pete’s Picks, a curated selection of precious metal products recommended for their potential and performance and safety. With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of investment dynamics, Pete handpicks items resonate with both the novice investor and the seasoned collector. His selections are not just products but a portfolio of opportunities, each reflecting his 50-year legacy of market expertise and a commitment to quality. Now Ausecure customers can enjoy exclusive access to Pete’s trusted recommendations, ensuring they are well-equipped to make informed decisions in their precious metals journey.

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The selections above clearly favor coins manufactured by sovereign governments, and there are two significant reasons for this:

  1. The first reason is that we get our coins fresh from various mints and that eliminates counterfeiting issues. Learn more here.
  2. The second key point is that these coins are eligible for inclusion in Pension Funds. While we are not professional tax advisors or accountants, we can direct you to qualified experts who we've identified as competent over the past two decades.

At these current levels I recommend 10% Platinum, 10% Palladium, 20% silver and 60% gold. For our bitcoin conversion we are using this as well.

Bitcoin  For those interested in investing in precious metals using cryptocurrencies, purchasing physical gold with digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is a straightforward option. On Checkout, simply select Crypto as your payment method. If you are considering this, diversifying your holdings is a wise strategy. For example, if you bought Bitcoin at $20,000 and it's now at $50,000, you might take 20% of your profits and invest in our bitcoin cluster for future security. Diversifying into silver is also advisable. As a rule of thumb, consider acquiring at least five-hundred ounces of silver for every Bitcoin you sell, thus balancing your holdings in both gold and silver assets.

Recently Featured on  This is a conversation with Kitco's Matt Watson, an expert in the metals space. We discuss the current state of the market and the urgent need for sovereign buyers to accumulate metals to support ongoing allocation. And it's not just China! Check out the whole interview on Kitco's site or on YouTube.

Featured on  When asked about the current state of the gold market, it is prudent to point out that there are counterintuitive elements in play. Read the whole article available on the CMEGroup.com website.

Featured on Trading Justice  I really enjoyed speaking on the current state of the gold market with Matt on the Trading Justice pod.

Past Featured Appearance  Reflecting on my time as the broker for the Hunt brothers during their notable reign in the silver market, it was an extraordinary experience. Their significant investment in silver, driven by concerns over inflation and currency devaluation, showcased the profound impact of large-scale financial strategies on the market. This period was a profound learning experience for me. My discussion with David Morgan about these events captures a bit of my experience. The full interview can be viewed in the video shared by The Morgan Report, right here.

Never Forgotten  I will always remember Chairman Edmund Moy when I see the Gold Eagle Coin. When all about him fled the US Mint, he stood fast and made sure his staff got out after repeated warning to leave as the Pentagon burned across the way. You are remembered Mr. Chairman.

Fun Fact  The most esteemed gold sovereign is the 1920 Sydney minted version. A Proof specimen of this coin was auctioned in Monaco in June 2021 for a staggering €942,400 (just over $1 Million USD). Gold proof sovereigns, known for their hand-polished, superior quality finish and mirror-like appearance, often attract higher investments than standard sovereign coins.

Now that you know why I love about the look of proof coins and why I find them fun to collect, I want to stress that over my career I have discovered that some of the best investors have been the gold buyers and they buy gold not just to collect but rather to insure long term security over printed paper money.

Special Report #1  If you want to learn more about what's going in the market please checkout my first post in the series that I have been working on for our customers here.

Important  All orders are 100% insured and securely shipped with absolute discretion. You can start buying gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium right now the site.

You can learn more about Ausecure, our inception, our mission, and our core values here.

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