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We Ship and Receive Insured and Bonded

Buy Order Shipments

When you buy metals from Ausecure you can rest assured that your order will never be compromised, even in the cases of unexpected delays such as weather. Your order will be secured, tracked, and 100% insured every step of the way. We take great care to make certain that your order always reaches its final destination.

IMPORTANT: All orders are shipped discretely and may require a verified signature for final delivery.

Sell Order Shipments

If you are selling metals to Ausecure you must ship your metals to a designated authorized facility for verification before any funds can be released. Please refer to the following instructions for best packing and shipping practices:

1. All shipments must be double boxed for insurance purposes. (One box to fit inside the other). We suggest you usereinforced boxes, no smaller than the standard “medium box”.
2. Always ship in sturdy, non-descript boxes and seal with high-quality packing tape. Never ship valuables in any type of envelope or folder.
3. Pack boxes with care. Use packaging material to properly cushion your items to avoid shifting or rattling of box contents.
4. Double-box your packages by putting the smaller box with the valuables into the larger box. Use adequate cushioning materials to avoid shifting off the inner box.
5. Print and place 1 copies of the Commercial Invoice inside the inner box. Be sure that the copies are signed and dated.
6. Use packing tape to reinforce all the corners and edges of the outer box.
7. Print the shipping label. It will be placed inside a plastic pouch(s) and attached on the front of the box before you ship your box(es).
8. Print 2 copies of the Commercial Invoice and place these in the plastic pouch behind the shipping (FedEx/UPS/USPS) label.
9. Print an extra shipping label so you can track your package.
10. Please take pictures of the boxes once they’re packed and ready to go and send it to [email protected]
11. The package(s) is/are prepaid. Drop your package(s) off at your local shipping center along with your printed shipping labels. Make sure the shipping center employee signs/scans the package before you leave.

We are not responsible for any incoming shipments that have not been verified and/or have not been issued and Order ID by Ausecure.

IMPORTANT: Ausecure works with fully vetted and reputable service and facility partners to provide the highest level of discretion on all orders.